Food Ink at Villa Flora,
Venlo, The Netherlands

12 April, 2016

Our 3D-printing pop-up restaurant in the Netherlands was a tremendous success! We have been receiving many positive emails from our guests as well as curious onlookers who gathered for the April 12th event at the beautiful new Villa Flora in Venlo, the Netherlands.

An eclectic eight-course dinner was 3D-printed and served using our remarkable byFlow Focus 3D-Printers, prepared with fresh natural ingredients and borrowing innovative multi-sensory techniques from the world of molecular gastronomy.

Food Ink 3D Food Venlo
Food Ink Venlo

We were honoured to present this utterly unique and world-class gourmet experience in collaboration with some of Europe’s best chefs, including the legendary Joel Castanye. Chef Castanye currently runs the incredible La Boscana restaurant in Lleida, Spain, and previously worked with elBulli when it was the world’s number one ranked restaurant.

Dinner began at sunset and as it grew dark outside, our guests toasted champagne served in test tubes, tried on exclusive 3D-printed jewelry gifts from Diaz London, and basked in the glow of our 3D-printed lamps from Mamou-Mani.

Food Ink Venlo