3D-Printed food sounds unbelievable,
but seeing is believing!

Food Ink at YOURS Restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

In December 2016 we collaborated with YOURS Restaurant in Barcelona to present the world’s only fully 3D-printed dinner experience. We were honoured to 3D-print a personalized 12-course dinner for some very special guests including International popstar Shakira and supermodel-yogi Vanesa Lorenzo alongside legendary footballers Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol!

Food Ink at La Boscana, Lleida, Spain

In November 2016 we collaborated with Michelin-star La Boscana restaurant (Lleida, Spain) to present Spain’s first ever fully 3D-printed dinner. Buen provecho!

Food Ink in London, United Kingdom

At Food Ink we create edible art prepared by the finest chefs with fresh natural ingredients and 3D-printed live using the revolutionary byFlow Focus 3D-printer. Our international launch is in London this Summer 2016 and we will be coming soon to a city near you.

Food Ink at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands

Our 3D-printing pop-up restaurant in the Netherlands was a tremendous success! We have been receiving many positive emails from our guests as well as curious onlookers who gathered for the April 12th event at the beautiful new Villa Flora in Venlo, the Netherlands.

An eclectic eight-course dinner was 3D-printed and served using our remarkable byFlow Focus 3D-Printers, prepared with fresh natural ingredients and borrowing innovative multi-sensory techniques from the world of molecular gastronomy.

We were honoured to present this utterly unique and world-class gourmet experience in collaboration with some of Europe’s best chefs, including the legendary Joel Castanye. Chef Castanye currently runs the incredible La Boscana restaurant in Lleida, Spain, and previously worked with elBulli when it was the world’s number one ranked restaurant.

Dinner began at sunset and as it grew dark outside, our guests toasted champagne served in test tubes, tried on exclusive 3D-printed jewelry gifts from Diaz London, and basked in the glow of our 3D-printed lamps from Mamou-Mani.

Introducing the Food Ink 3D-Printed Cutlery Series

Designed by talented Polish artist Iwona Lisiecka and 3D-printed by Barcelona-based BCN3D Technologies on their incredible Sigma machines. We’re here to get you through dinner in style. And if you don’t feel like doing the dishes, we’ll just print you some more. 😉

Don’t take a seat, make a seat!

At Food Ink – The World’s First 3D-Printing Restaurant, you don’t just “take a seat” — you make it! Presenting the exclusive world premiere of The Smoke Stool, custom designed by visionary architect Arthur Mamou-Mani. 3D-printed, laser-cut and assembled by Mamou-Mani Ltd. and FabPub on Hackney Road in London, UK.

Bits and Bytes

Come try our “Fish and Chips:” super-healthy toasted seaweed with computer-chip circuit patterns 3D-printed out of kimchi fish mayonnaise and with just enough kick of wasabi. An iconic British dish reinvented for the digital generation and naturally part of our London menu.

Meet the best 3D-printing chefs in the world

When you’re doing the world’s first, you need the world’s best. We work with only the finest chefs to bring you not only the most futuristic food but also the most exquisitely delicious.

We are thrilled and honoured to collaborate with Chefs Joel Castanye and Mateu Blanch of La Boscana, one of Spain’s best restaurants and one of the most innovative centres for new concepts in gastronomy.

Chef Castanye worked previously at the legendary elBulli when it was ranked the number one restaurant in the world for a record five times. He loves our 3D-printers and we love his food, so it’s a match made in foodie-geek heaven!
The future is here. And it tastes awesome.

The Future Looks Bright

Just another Friday night building and testing our original 3D-printed furniture here at Food Ink – The World’s First 3D-Printing Restaurant. Our table comfortably seats 10, so bring your friends!